1. Purchase Order Number/Job Order Number MUST show on all acknowledgments, shipping papers and invoices.
  2. Packing slips must be included in all shipments.
  3. Acknowledgment with price and ship date is requested. Please notify us immediately if you are unable to ship as specified.
  4. Taurus requires 100% on time delivery.
  5. SDS are requested w/applicable.
  6. Taurus or our Customer reserves the right to come and inspect parts and documentation at your facility.
  7. Your facility is subject to survey by the purchaser’s quality assurance department to ensure the capability to conform to the requirements of ISO 9001 and/or AS 9100. By acceptance of this purchase order, the seller agrees that their facilities and procedures are subject to review and approval by the purchaser.
  8. All non-conformances generated by your facility must be submitted to the purchaser and are subject to review and approval before shipment from your facility.
  9. Supplier must: ensure the prevention of counterfeit products/materials, ensure their employees are aware of their contribution to the product conformity and safety, and the importance of ethical behavior.
  10. The supplier is required to notify Taurus Tool of changes in product and/or process definition and obtain approval if required.
  11. Supplier must flow down to all sub-tier suppliers the applicable requirements of the purchase order.
  12. Supplier must be able to provide test specimen for design approval, inspection verification, investigation or auditing if requested.
  13. Retention of documented information: Quality records shall be maintained to demonstrate achievement of the required activity and effective operation of the quality system. The records shall include but not be limited to evidence of materials used, their source, manufacturing process employed, inspection and test conducted. Records shall be kept for a minimum of three years unless otherwise stated on the purchase order. At the expiry of the retention period, records shall be offered to Taurus Tool.
  14. If Quality Management System Certificate is available it must be maintained. If certificate is allowed to expire, Taurus Tool shall be notified in a timely manner.
  15. Taurus will issue corrective actions as necessary, when supplier errors result in non-conforming errors such as: quality, quantity, on time delivery, etc. Supplier is required to respond in a timely manner.

Invoices can be submitted by mail or email to:

Taurus Tool and Engineering
4401 S Delaware Drive
Muncie, Indiana 47302
Email: Accounting@taurustool.com

Shipping Address:    Same as above

Receiving Hours: Monday through Friday  7 am to 5 pm or prior arrangements.

I-84-01 Rev 3